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Capricorn Sun Sign - Capricorn's Career

Prudent, aspiring, calculating, grumbling, practical and prudent, ambitious and disciplined. Patient and careful, humorous and reserved. Pessimistic and fatalistic, conventional and rigid.

They may of course still have to seek and take advice but they can find this rather irksome, probably because they feel they should know everything, and don't like being reminded otherwise.

It is, once again, a question of self-confidence, they find it distressing if anything tends to undermine this. Not all Capricorns may be as autocratic but there is almost always an element of this somewhere in their character.

The Capricorn ladder to success must be steadily climbed as attempts to scale several rungs at once may be disastrous. On the other hand, the top of the ladder is always achievable, and they should set their sights at least as high as its topmost rung.

The attitude to money is a careful and conservative which some may take for meanness! Early in their careers these people will probably begin to build savings and if they are more free with their money it will often be spent on people who can help them with their careers.

Although Capricorns are found in all walks of life, many do particularly well in local government, banking and finance or estate management, the building trades, the dental profession and in osteopathy. The self-made businessman or woman is often a Capricorn.

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Unlike members of many zodiac signs who find it hard to cope with responsibility because of the loneliness that is often involved. Self-confident Capricorns may welcome the chance to sit in their own offices at their own desks, keeping even their closest colleagues at a distance.
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